Rights and obligations of the creditor of Cash Generator

Abbreviation of Cash Generator – CG

The key is a digital access code.

The creditor is the person who has activated the key.

1) Who can become a creditor

A person from any country of legal age in his country of residence can become the CG creditor upon

activating the login key.

The login key can be obtained in two ways

1) After activation of the login key, the activation fee is EUR 20.

2) When buying the key online, it’s price on the CG system website www.online2400.com is EUR 250.

The activation fee is included in the price of EUR 250.

In both ways, your credit amount is equivalent to the amount of option 1.

After successful signing up, your credit amount is divided into 3 parts

1) 60% of the amount is paid to creditors (who have given you the key, if it is not paid to the system administration)

2) 25% is paid to the investment budget.

3) 15% is paid for the system administration.

2) Investment budget

The budget amount is invested in projects the profits of which are divided into three groups.

1) 25% is paid to creditors.

2) 50% is used to supplement the budget.

3) 25% is paid to the system administration.

All information on investment projects is presented on the website. It is available to all creditors.

For example,

25% of EUR 20.00 is equal to EUR 5.00.

10 creditors = EUR 50.

Project profit is 100%,i.e. EUR 50. 25% of the amount (EUR 12.5) is divided to all creditors, EUR 1.25 each.

50% (EUR 25.00) will be paid back to the budget, which increases from EUR 50 to EUR 75.

25% is paid to the system administration. (EUR 12.50)

The cycle is then repeated with a larger budget.

Budget – EUR 75

Project profit is 100%,i.e. EUR 75. 25% of the amount (EUR 18.75) is divided to all creditors, each of

them gets EUR 1.87.

50% (EUR 37.50) is returned to the budget, which increases from EUR 75 to EUR 112.50.

25% is paid to the system administration (EUR 18.75).

3) Amount paid to creditors

The creditor (6) login’s of the system and has 6 inactive keys, the creditor (6) finds a new candidate to

become a creditor (7) and gives him one of his six keys. A person uses the creditor’s (6) key for signing

up to the system, becomes a creditor (7), and pays the activation fee of EUR 20. From the amount of

EUR 20 contributed by the creditor (7), the creditor (6) receives EUR 5.00, the creditor (5) receives EUR

3.10, the creditor (4) receives EUR 1.30, the creditor (3) receives EUR 0.70, the creditor (2) receives EUR

0.40, and the creditor (5) receives EUR 0.10.

4) The creditor does not receive any income and is cancelled

The creditor does not receive any income and is cancelled when the creditor is paid the amount of EUR. 9,105.60

or if a creditor violates the rules set forth in paragraph (5) above.

5) Strictly forbidden for the creditor

To leak any information about internal projects and other information, excluding the information

contained in this document, as well as the creditor keys.

Making pictures, video clips while connected to the system.

The person who is in breach of these provisions must compensate for damages and any other losses.

6) I agree.

By becoming creditor I hereby confirm that I have read and agree to these rules.

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